This Little Apple

My name is Mihali Notaras,

I am a Greek Australian singer songwriter.

Born in Sydney, Australia to Greek migrant parents I often find myself feeling very different to my surroundings and my family. I use a lot of this divergence to write songs and share stories through observation and witness. This helps me make sense of the complexity of my upbringing and the fragility of my human condition. In my constant pursuit of happiness and balance in life, music continues to rescue me, transport me and illuminate the darkest of situations for me. I feel liberated
and more connected to myself and my higher power when I’m writing.

My debut album, ‘This Little Apple’ is my collection of stories from my recent hiatus spent abroad in Athens, Greece. The underlying themes of this album include the fear of letting go, finding self and finding love. It’s a message in a bottle to those that are lonely, tired or have given up. It’s a reminder
that there’s hope and that life can carry you wherever you go and whatever you may do. We must let life lead and better heed our inner voice. It whispers to us all.

I hope you find my album comforting.

I wrote it not only for myself but for you.